~♥~ Why Does Jesus Love Me ~♥~


Why does Jesus love me so much,

when sometimes I feel I’ve been out of touch?

I know it’s because He forgives my sins,

when Satan just feels he might win. 

My faith in God shall never cease,

for each time I pray, is when I find peace.

Just saying His Holy name out loud,

brings me sunshine instead of clouds.


To lift my head and look up above,

I feel Him showering me with all of His love.

Talking to Jesus is a part of my day,

and that is why I take time to pray.


I take my questions and let Him decide,

 the answer He gives me, I then shall abide.

It is He that knows best … I trust in Him so,

as my faith in Him will always grow. 

The promise He made to save us from sin,

will always remain, if we just trust in Him.

For never will He ever let you down,

just remember, He’s always here to be found. 


So why does Jesus love me so much?

You can find out now by staying in touch.

Just bow your head, fold your hands and pray.

Keep HIM in your heart … Forever He’ll stay.


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