~♥~ Few Things about Me ~♥~


 Few Things About Me

 Name: Linda… And I liked it… I’ve been using it for all my life.



 My Name: You can call me Linda.

 Religion: So proud to be Christian.

 My Church: Assyrian Gospel Church.

 First Language: Assyrian of course.

  Other Languages: Arabic, Greek and English.

 My Profession: Electronics Technician.

 Nationality (1): Iraqian and proud to be.

 Nationality (2): Canadian Citizen.

 City Of Birth: Baghdad, Iraq.



 Date of Birth: 22nd, September.

 Year of Birth: Well It’s in my ID card.

 Interests: Graphic designing, Reading, Writing poetry, Dance, Photography, Listening to slow music, Traveling, Meetings And Having fun with my close friends.

 Hobbies and Interests: Cars, Fashion, Travel, Going out, having fun, finally that’s me Linda.

 Favorite Chocolates: Mars, Kit Kat and Kinder.

 Favorite Meals: Iraq foods And Greek foods.

 Favorite Movies: Titanic, Dr. Dolittle.

 Favorite Fruits: Strawberry, Cherry, Banana, Raspberry, Blueberry, Mango, Orange And Apple.

 Favorite Perfumes: BEAUTIFUL from Estee Lauder the one I use it is my best, TRUE LOVE from Elizabeth Arden, TRESOR from Lancôme, and BOUCHERON from Christian Dior.

 Favorite Colors: Pink, Black, Red, Green And Blue.

 Favorite Cars: Wow Mercedes (Benz – SLR 2005), Ferrari, Porsche.

 Favorite Tools: Adobe Photoshop 8 CS ME for designing.

 Favorite Music’s: I love slow music very much, Usually l lasting for Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, ABBA, Shania Twain, Yanni, Shirley Bassey, Bob Marley, Mariah Carey.

 Favorite Quote: » Never Give Up «

 I Love: Mommy & Daddy and all Family, My Good Friends, Babies and Colors & Flowers.

 I Hate: People who they try to make me sad and make my life harder.

 I Cry: Over am lonely… Some times really I fell so sad and I cry for a long hours and there is no one can stop my cry.

 I’m Very: Addicted to have a fun and play with kids.

 I Always: Trying to be the best in every thing.

 I Want to: Do what I promise my family to do in this year coming it will be my real dream.

 I Hate: Boys or Girls who ‘CHEATING’ in my eyes they are stupid!

 Friends: I thing that now days is very hard to find a real friend and keep them so close to you.


 Enjoy my home page guys I hope that u will like my new topics



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