~♥~ Breast Cancer Awareness ~♥~

PINK-RIBBON pink_ribbon_support_by__lildragon__jpg_rZd_197486 PINK-RIBBON

flowpow4af Ribbon flowpow4af   


  ~♥~ I WILL WEAR PINK! ~♥~

When I am a Cancer survivor I will wear pink.


I will wear pink for my friends who lost their health, their hair and their youth in their struggle to fight breast cancer.


I will wear pink for the non-survivors who seem more comfortable with this watered down color of the blood lost while fighting this terrible illness. Maybe the white of their optimism mixes with it.


I will wear pink to soften the lines and the hardness that has come in my face.


I will wear pink to remind me that Spring always comes and flowers bloom and I have time to change and bloom again myself.


I will wear pink when my chest aches where my breast is missing and my heart aches for missing friends and I will remember the miracle of my survival. 


I will wear pink when I visit the graves of those whose bodies gave out before their spirit was ready.


I will wear pink when I race for the cure and speak against dollars wasted on the useless testing on animals whose bodies are so different from humans that they are poisoned by medicine that helps humans and cured by medicine that is poison to cancer survivors.


I will wear pink when I listen to the names of those who have lost the fight with cancer and celebrate with those of us who still survive.




I was a cancer survivor on 2000 I will wear



04652_BCAHopeKy_GI_med 72985930 04652_BCAHopeKy_GI_med


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