~♥~ The Miracle Of Love ~♥~


The Miracle Of Love

Never have I felt more complete in life,
For you have fulfilled my heart and soul.
To my life you have brought such beauty,
The beauty of an unconditional love.

Never again shall I feel so alone,
For part of you forever shall live
deep within my heart.

The sweet softness of your voice,
each time you say the words "I Love You",
It touches my soul more than you know.

Loving you so much the way that I do,
Brings such warm loving tears to my eyes.
For never in life have I known this beautiful.

so precious and rare,
is the forever friendship
the two of us share.

Planted with kindness,
it’s warmed by the sun
of caring and sharing,
laughter and fun.

It’s grounded in trust
and nurtured by love,
with a sprinkling of grace
from God up above.

Tears of sadness and joy,
like dew, renew this friendship
I share with you.

And in the heart’s garden,
we find the room to be ourselves,
to grow and bloom.

A blessing of beauty unsurpassed,
our friendship’s a flower
that will always last.

 "Miracle Of Love"


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