~♥~ Wishing Peace ~♥~


 Merry Christmas
Wishing you Peace to You and Yours
On this wonderful Christmas Day
As we all gather with our families
And celebrate Jesus birthday
May God give you many blessings
In each and every way
As we all come to worship Him in song
And bow our head and pray

May He always be your guiding light?
And give you strength, My friend
From this precious moment on
He’ll always love you to the end




Christmas Night…..

When I look at all the Christmas lights
Mostly red and white.
A thought comes to my mind
I can’t be with you Christmas night.

The distance is much too far
But that’s where I’d like to be
Maybe Santa will pick you up
And bring you here to me.

So Merry Christmas darlin’
And a Happy New Year too.
While you’re celebrating the holidays
Remember… I love you.




 It’s Christmas time once again
Can you hear the Angels sing
Let’s lift our voices and rejoice
As the bells start to ring
It’s Christmas time once again
As we celebrate on this day
The birth of God’s own Son
In a manger is where he lay

 Merry Christmas




You Belong To Me……..

Christmas comes but once a year,
Merry spirits spreading cheer.
But the best gift I ever received,
Realizing your heart belongs to me.
It is written in the stars,
That our love it will go far.
Away from me you’ll never be,
For you gave your heart to me.
Your heart no longer all your own,
Proven by the love you’ve shown.
Proving what is meant to be,
That your heart belongs to me.



Hearts are shared together
No matter near or far
Within the starlight evening
You are our shining star

Looking out the window
Into the dark of night
Thinking of the love we have
It fills my soul with light

Merry Christmas, darling
I hold you in my dreams
Remembering the day we met
And all life in between

Each day and forever
I’m right there by your side
Spiritually together
Filled with so much pride

I know that when you’re able
You’ll walk through our front door
That day will be Christmas
For all of us once more.




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