Angels ln Our Shadow

 All over the world

 ln this time of unrest

There is an Angel watching over all


 ln the tears of life 

ln our sadest of times

And in the joy that comes

When a wish comes true

ln our shadows of life

Through all time

An Angel is watching 




 We may feel alone

We will never see

Who follows in the shadow we cast

But when we cry our tears

And feel sad

 As though our heart will never mend

There is a Angel

Watching over us all

  l would like to think

That we all have a Angle watching over us

For when we are alone

And no where to turn

There is within our soul

* Hope *

Our Angel is watching over us all

From children

To all that have grown

Try to believe you’re not alone


Please remember all the ones this Christmas

That are less fortunate than us

And in time

lt may come to pass

That life will be equal to all


 Hope is in all of our hearts 

I know in some way

There is something that is watching

Over us all 






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