~♥~ I Believe ~♥~

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 ___ *: I believe :* ___

 Ha, you know some people just
don’t know what i’m talkin about
But i know you understand 
cause i know you believe 

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   Baby i believe that you

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 Were  meant for me
and if there’s somebody
then baby i believe
that somebody is you
and everything you do 
cause baby i believe…
i believe in you

 Uh 1 I Love You is devide the sea
not sure what that really says
i believe it all came to the past

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When you came to me
you set me free
sure is 1 and 1 is 2

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Yeah i believe in you,
that’s what i do

 Uh… cause i believe in you…
and seems so real
I was dreaming did you come to me
hold me closer for eternity
i believe….


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