~♥~ My Greatest Friend ~♥~

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 th256.gifOur Friendshipth256.gif
It often makes me wonder
just why you hurt me so,
I know you didn’t mean to
you may not even know.


I thought you said you cared for me
I thought I was your friend,
but now it makes me wonder
is this where friendship ends?

It doesn’t seem that fair to me
I hope you understand,
you owe me truth and honesty
I’ve taken all I can.

 th256.gifMy Greatest Friendth256.gif

  Once in a lifetime A person may find A friend as true As you friend of mine.
With ear to listen And eyes to see A shoulder to lean on If I have a need.
You are the one I depend on The one that will Carry me home.
My friend you know That I love you And I’ll be here To carry you too

th256.gifTo A Friend!th256.gif
Written with a pen
Sealed with a kiss
If you are my friend
Please answer this:
Are we friends or are we not
You told me once,
But I forgot
So tell me now
And tell me true
So I can say
I’m here for you!
Of all the friends I’ve ever met
You’re the one
I wont forget
and if I die before you do
I’ll go to Heaven
And wait for you!

  th256.gifTrue Loveth256.gif

I love you when you’re happy,
I love you when you’re sad.

I love you when you’re laughing,
I love you when you’re mad.

I love you when you’re playful.
I love you when you’re blue –

But the reason why I love you
Is just because you’re my friend!

  th256.gifMy Friendth256.gif

you’r my friend and that is true,
but the gift was given from me to you.
we went thru moments that were good and bad,
even moments that were happy and sad.
you suported me when i was in tears,
we stuck together when we were in fear,

its really sad that it had to be this way,
but it has reached its very last day.
miles away cant keep us apart,
’cause you’ll always be in my heart.

th256.gifBest Friendth256.gif

When I cry you help me out
When I’m happy you hear me shout
When I grin you know I’m really mad
because you are my best friend
You can tell when I’m sad

 You’re there in thick and thin
You’re my best friend
You hear me out when I want to talk
You help me out when I get mad
You are the bestest friend I’ve ever had

So hear me out when I say
You’re the light in my day
You are the moon in my night
You shine very bright
You are the bestest friend I have
and I miss you

th256.gifA True Friend…A To Zth256.gif

1888.gif(A)1888.gif Accepts you as you are
1888.gif(B)1888.gif Believes in "you"
1888.gif(C)1888.gif Calls you just to say "HI"
1888.gif(D)1888.gif Doesn’t give up on you
1888.gif(E)1888.gif Envisions the whole of you even the unfinished parts
1888.gif(F)1888.gif Forgives your mistakes
1888.gif(G)1888.gif Gives unconditionally
1888.gif(H)1888.gif Helps you
1888.gif(I)1888.gif Invites you over
1888.gif(J)1888.gif Just "be" with you
1888.gif(K)1888.gif Keeps you close at heart
1888.gif(L)1888.gif Loves you for who you are
1888.gif(M)1888.gif Makes a difference in your life
1888.gif(N)1888.gif Never Judges
1888.gif(O)1888.gif Offers support
1888.gif(P)1888.gif Picks you up
1888.gif(Q)1888.gif Quiets your fears
1888.gif(R)1888.gif Raises your spirits
1888.gif(S)1888.gif Says nice things about you
1888.gif(T)1888.gif Tells you the truth when you need to hear it
1888.gif(U)1888.gif Understands you
1888.gif(V)1888.gif Values you
1888.gif(W)1888.gif Walks beside you
1888.gif(X)1888.gif X-plains things you don’t understand
1888.gif(Y)1888.gif Yells when you won’t listen and
1888.gif(Z)1888.gif Zaps you back to reality


1 Response to “~♥~ My Greatest Friend ~♥~”

  1. 1 edward
    November 27, 2005 at 2:22 pm

    Hi Khaye Linda Your website is 1 of the best websites i have ever been on i love it. I Love You Khaye Hal Mota

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