” What is Life bout?

What is Life bout?

" What is Life about?
We often cry & shout
Full of ups and downs
Which make us frown
Like waves dey come and go
They never listen even if we say ‘No!’

What is Life about?
Like a kettle and a spout
We pour out our grieves and sorrows
Buh we must never forget
Dat dere is a tmrw.

What is Life about?
A sunrise and a sunset
Dese follow each other
No matter what the weather
It’s all about a circle
Wereva we end
We begin again.

What is Life about?
A cup and a saucer
Dey always be together
For if dey are separated
Tha meanin of life gets evaporated.

What is Life about?
A rose and a thorn
To reach sumtin beautiful
We must first learn to be dutiful
To revise our lessons on values
To practice what we preach
OR else lie down on the ground
like a rotten peach.

Life never stops
It moves about quite fast
Dere is no time to stand nd stare
No time to look at th mirror and glare
For life is what we make it
So.. dun give up.. instead shape it
To the best of your advantage
Or unto death you will be bandaged.

Wake Up! Try again
Do not moan nd say "It is a pain"
Put on your boots and run & run
Have lots of fun
For time is passing
It will never come chasing
Hold it in your hands
And shake dat magical wand
Make most of it..
Just Do it "






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