Remember Day

Remembrance Day – Nov 11th
11th hour. 11th day. 11th month. 
Remembrance Day isn’t a holiday or celebration –
but it is a very important date in the year…..

In 1918 at 1100 on the 11th day of the 11th month (November) the armistice with Germany that ended World War One was signed and peace was declared throughout Europe. In order to remember those who died and give thanks for their sacrifices it was declared that in future November 11th would be known as Armistice Day and that a two minute silence would be observed to honour all those, living and dead, who served in the Armed Forces.

Remember the soldiers who died.Every year we should remember them.

Many of the soldiers died in the war.
Even the people who do not know them remember.
Men from different countries fought for us.
Back then there were not enough real poppies.
Remember all of the soldiers who fought for us.
Always we remember the soldiers.
Not everyone knew the soldiers, but the remember.
Canadian soldiers fought in the war.
Everyone in my whole school wears poppies.
Do you wear poppies on Remembrance Day?
A lot of soldiers fought for Canada’s freedom.
You should wear a poppy on Remembrance Day!
 Remembrance Day

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