The Fall

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  Fall Is Here!  We Love It!
Yeah…It’s Fall…In Canada

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When you see the flag of Canada, you probably wonder about how true is that red. Well, here is some proof about it. Fall is our most beautiful and colorful season. I hope you will enjoy to see the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them 

http://www.deskpicture.com/DPs/Miscellaneous/onemapleleaf_1.html Small screenshot for The Autumn Season Screensaver. http://www.mooseyscountrygarden.com/autumn-leaves/autumn-leaves.html

Harvest Line

"Word of the Day"
"Fall, Autumn"

Pumpkin Click on a word below to hear it spoken Pumpkin

Afrikaans Herfs
Albanian vjeshtë
Amharic Hageye
Arabic Al Karif
Armenian Ashoun
Asturian seronda
Azerbaijani – Payîz
Basque Udazken
Bengali Sharot-Hemonto
Bosnian Jesen
Breton an Diskar-Amzer
Bulgarian esen
Cantonese chau tin
Catalan Tardor
Chipewyan Hhah eh tt-ahzee
Cornish Kynyav
Creole Otòn
Croatian jesen
Czech podzim
Dagaare Vaaresuooroosaga
Danish Efterår
Dutch Herfst
English Fall, Autumn
Esperanto Aùtuno
Estonian sügis
Eurish Fructadu
Farsi Pa’yez
Finnish Syksy
French automne
Frisian Hjerst
Galician Outono
Georgian shemodgoma
German der Herbst
Greek Fthino’poro
Gujarati paankhar
Hawaiian há`ule lau
Hebrew Stav
Hindi patajhada
Holooe Chhiu-thin
Hungarian Ösz
Icelandic Haust
Ido autuno
Indonesian Musim gugur
Interlingua Autumno
Irish an fomhair
Italian Autunno
Japanese Aki
Korean Ka-ul
Latin Autumnus
Latvian rudens
Lithuanian Ruduo
Luganda [fall]
Malaysian musim luruh
Mandarin qiu.
Marshallese [fall]
Mazahua otóño
Norwegian Høst
Occitan l’autòmne
Polish Jesien’
Portuguese Outono
Brazilian Portuguese Outono
Quechua ??
Romanian Toamnã
Russian Osen
Serbian jesen
Sesotho Lehwetla
Sinhala Sarath, He-mantha. Irthuwa.
Slovak jesen^
Slovenian Jesen
Spanish el otoño
Swahili ???
Swedish höst
Tagalog Taglagas
Thai ru-doe-baj-maj-roewang
Tswana Letlhafula/Letlhahula.
Turkish Sonbahar
Ukrainian osin’
Vietnamese Mùa Thu
Welsh Hydref
Wolof [Autumn]
Xhosa ukwindla
Yiddish harbst
Zulu ukwindla

Harvest Line


September 22, 2005

When Fall Comes To Canada / Toronto

Tline5.gif - 4.7 K

It will be Halloween & Thanksgiving Day Then it’s Christmas Day!!!..


Ah, the first day of Autumn. The one time of year when the rest of the country is actually envious of my neck of the woods.


"Niagara Falls with Rainbow, Ontario, Canada" Photograph

Banff National Park, Canada 

Autumn View at Morant's Curve





When the autumn season approaches, people all over the world get their cameras ready, because fall is one of the most photogenic seasons of them all. When trees show their fall colors, the air is clear, the sky is a brilliant blue, and it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture.

 Image hosted by Photobucket.com 

Our photographers, however, have taken some absolutely spectacular pictures of fall colors, and we present them here for your enjoyment. Share them with your friends by sending them an ecard, or order a print and hang it in your home or office, so you can remember the beautiful colors of fall when the drabness of winter is beginning to get you down!



When Fall Comes ToCanada

0149.gifWhen fall comes to Canada

0149.gifThe sun slants in so fine
0149.gifAnd the air’s so clear
0149.gifYou can almost hear the grapes grow on the vine

0149.gifThe nights are sharp with starlight
0149.gifAnd the days are cool and clean And in the blue sky overhead
0149.gifThe northern geese fly south instead
0149.gifAnd leaves are Irish Setter red
0149.gifWhen fall comes to Canada

0149.gifWhen fall comes to Canada
0149.gifAnd the wind blows off the sea
0149.gifSwallows fly in a perfect sky
0149.gifAnd the world was meant to be

0149.gifWhen the acorns line the walkways
0149.gifThen winter can’t be far
0149.gifFrom yellow leaves a blue jay calls

0149.gifGrandmothers walk out in their shawls
0149.gifAnd chipmunks run the old stone walls
0149.gifWhen fall comes to Canada

0149.gifThe frost is on the pumpkin
0149.gifThe squash is off the vine
0149.gifAnd winter warnings race across the sky
0149.gifThe squirrels are on to something
0149.gifAnd they’re working overtime
0149.gifThe foxes blink and stare and so do I

0149.gifCause when fall comes to Canada

0149.gifOh I can’t turn away

0149.gifFrom fading light on flying wings
0149.gifAnd late good-byes a robin sings
0149.gifAnd then another thousand things
0149.gifWhen fall comes to Canada

0149.gifWhen fall comes to Canada

Harvest Line 

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


 thtitle11a.gif - 15.8 K

Harvest Line


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