Birthday Wish To My Sister

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Happy Birthday To My Sister 30/09/2005

First Kiss from Interflora



Birthdays are good for you


 First Kiss (with champagne) from Interflora

I couldn’t let this day go by

Without Saying Happy Birthday To My Lovely Sister, FUN!

It's A Boy Balloon Bouquet from InterfloraIt’s A Girl Balloon Bouquet from Interflora

" Balloon Bouquet"

The more you have……
The longer you live!

For a glass of something great
to help you celebrate this is very special date!

mcd-sc-015.gif From ๑❤☆Rosie●Cheeks☆❤๑(http://spaces.msn.com/members/BlushinRosie/) From ๑❤☆Rosie●Cheeks☆❤๑(http://spaces.msn.com/members/BlushinRosie/)

Today we having the

# 3

Sister birthday party

 It is my older sister her birthday today. and we wish her the best wish in her life love you khayee and enjoy the party guys  

Here she is and soon will start the music and dance and the sweet & drink  

d3.gif s_f_01_11321_01_02.gif s_f_01_11728_01_02.gif

Love you Sister and wish you the best

From ๑❤☆Rosie●Cheeks☆❤๑(http://spaces.msn.com/members/BlushinRosie/)

Birthday Wish In Greek

Sakapo poly ki eafamnikhzamano ni eaka kol mara stay efto meara poyan .. kanathyaso sakapo poly ka pernas min khara atherfola poly folakey





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